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About Me

I "Suman Mitra", based in Uttarakhand, India develop a passion for photography.       

After moving to Mussoorie in 2009, I discovered my interest in Hiking, Travelling, and Photography. I am self-evolved in various genres of Photography like Nature, Wildlife, Street, Culture, Travel, Astro, and Landscape. I am a veteran of traveling to remote places. For me the more difficult it is to get to a place, the greater the attraction. This has resulted in some truly exclusive shots that might not have made it to the shutters of other cameras. My travels have brought me into contact with people from all walks of life, of all ages, each with their outlooks on life. These experiences have only deepened my interest in the human condition and have also led me to work on candid portraits of people.

In order to pursue my varied photographic interests, which is not the most financially rewarding activity that a photographer can participate in, I have been working as a freelance wedding/event photographer for the past several years. What started as a means to make money for better equipment, has genuinely become a passion in itself.

I have discovered that Indian weddings offer a full range of emotions in people. Along with this, I have also become a regular photographer at all sorts of festivals, gatherings, and events.

I have been interested in capturing the world the way I perceive it and presenting it on a canvas. So, my digital footprint can be a help to the next generation.

Achievements: I started actively participating in Photography Salons in late 2019, and have 1000+ acceptances in national and international salons, across 35+ countries. I have also won 90+ photography awards.

Distinctions till Date:

2021 – AFIP (Artist of FIP) – FIP, India

2021 – AFIAP (Artist of FIAP) – FIAP, International

2021 – GPU CR 2 – Global Photographic Union, International

2021 – AAPG (Artist of Association of Photographers, Georgia)

2022 – EAPG (Artist of Association of Photographers, Georgia)

2022 – CMoL (Competitive Master of Light) – Master of Light Photographic Association, Canada

2022 – QPSA (Competitive Master of Light) – Photographic Society of America.

2022 – BAPU (Bronze Exhibitor of APU) - Asia Photographic Union, Singapore.

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